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Revolutionizing the office ergonomic evaluation.

Designed to reduce evaluation time to as little as 15 minutes while still ensuring best practices, Ergonaut’s Lean ErgoAlgo Office™ platform enables evaluators of all backgrounds to provide ergonomic assessments with an efficiency and ease not seen before in the industry.

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Website interface and wall-mount visuals

Eliminating confusion and lack of visibility during chaotic emergency situations.

Safety in Emergency’s SimulAlert system provides open communication between administrators and staff members through wall-mountable hubs, wearable badges, and an intuitive dashboard to provide clarity during a security breach, prioritizing your safety and comfort.

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Slicky in use on a desk with UI example

The do-not-disturb desk light.

Slicky is a do-not-disturb desk light designed to notify your coworkers in the office or your spouse and children in the home that you are either busy and not to be disturbed or available to talk! It aids your productivity, allowing you to work distraction-free until you are ready for interruptions. The light connects to your computer via USB and has a computer application that allows you to control your status color and your Slack status, all at the same time!

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Modernizing the fishing industry.

FlyWire’s turn-key precision fishing platform combines patented technology and deep lean manufacturing expertise to increase efficiency and drive down at-sea monitoring costs.

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Example light with LEDs turned on

Ultra-bright USB-controllable scene lighting.

The ultra-bright, USB-controllable scene light with changeable color temperature was designed to give you the perfect scene lighting.

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Brake controller hardware and app interface

Smart brake controller for truck/trailer testing.

KC Truck's Smart Brake Controller allows the user to integrate electric brake controls into their truck with settings adjustable from an application on their smartphone. The device also doubles as a tow-wiring tester, allowing the user to troubleshoot wiring issues between their truck and trailer or RV.

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On-demand moving assistance for loading, unloading, and everything in between.

ThirdHand movers will load and unload all your personal belongings and large furniture so you don’t have to. When opportunity strikes and a move needs to become a reality, we could all use a third hand.

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Batlab lithium ion battery tester hardware

Characterizing lithium 18650 form factor battery cells.

The Batlab places a complete laboratory battery testing solution into the hands of hobbyists. A micro-controller controls the cells by loading them with complex charge and discharge waveforms. The system collects precise voltage, current, and temperature measurements that are then streamed over a USB connection to a host PC.

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Wall-mounted physical therapy device with tablet

Delivering in-home therapies for those living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Active Therapy System’s P.A.C.E. PT engages the mind and the body while bringing people together on the P.A.C.E. platform, strengthening the support of their community and improving their overall sense of well-being.

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Stack of electronic devices

Electronic Manufacturing Services and Systems Integration

SMC Integration Solutions offers a complete solution for your EMS and Systems Integration needs. We assist with pre-conditioning and pre-assembly quality assurance through battery testing services.

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Screenshot of iPhone application, Group: The Pattern Recognition Game

Group: The Pattern Recognition Game

Group is a challenging game designed to engage the pattern recognition part of your brain. Gameplay is simple: select a set of three cards which, for each of four attributes (color, shape, count, fill), all the cards in the set match or differ.

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